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Rev. Dr. Richard Herman

Richard H. Herman, M. Div., D. Min.,

is a Certified Spiritual Director, Retreat Leader, Contemplative Photographer and Teacher offering Spiritual Direction since 2008.

Dick provides individual Spiritual Direction for students at Princeton theological Seminary, and serves as a cohort leader for Oasis Ministries in their Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Guides program.

He is an ordained Presbyterian pastor with 40 years of experience in pastoral ministry serving churches in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Certified as a Spiritual Director by Oasis Ministries,  Dick earned a Certificate in Spiritual Formation from Columbia Theological Seminary after completing his D. Min. at Fuller Theological Seminary.  He is also a trained Stephen Ministry leader.

   What Does a Spiritual Director Offer?

  • A relationship with another person committed to a prayerful and reflective experience of the Christian Life.

  • Accepting and attentive listening.

  • A willingness to affirm, encourage and at time to challenge.

  • Sound theological training and ability to offer insight to others without seeking to theologically clone them.

  • A desire to allow a person to progress at their own pace as prayer and reflection leads them.

  • A contemplative attitude.

  • A respectful love of people.

  • An approach with humility, reverence and seriousness, but also with humor and humanity rooted in everyday life.

  • Not an expert with all the answers but a willing companion on the journey.

Dick, a simple thank you seems inadequate for the gift of soul friendship you have given me.  Thank you for traveling with me into some dark and confusing places; and for holding me in prayer and celebrating some extraordinary blessings.  God has blessed me, in part, with your faithfulness. ~ CB

Dick:  Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story and bless me with your wisdom. ~ BW

I cannot help but feel a depth of appreciation for Dick Herman's ministry of spiritual Direction that has been an incredible blessing to me.  Dick is uniquely gifted to be a Spiritual Director; his non-judgemental nature, along with his patience and listening skills make it easy to have very meaningful conversations.  God has given him wisdom, insight, and discernment, enabling him to model God's mercy as he helps to unravel the mystery of His work in my life. ~ MC

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